SynPon is a small private research lab which focuses on scalability in science and engineering through open source robotics and artificial intelligence.

  • Robotics. We are currently interested in multiphysics enabled system identification of deformable objects and affordable 3D printed contact sensors embedded in synthetic skin for model predictive control of humanoid robot manipulators. Human beings interact with our environment primarily through our hands, as our feet have mostly been used for mobility and support since our ancestors came down out of the trees. Duplicating the interactions of humans with their environment is therefore in a large part imitating how our hands manipulate objects.

  • Artificial Intelligence. We study spatial reasoning for intelligent agents as well as question answering systems and artificial general intelligence. Strong AI is as important to scalability in science as it is to increasing the quality of human life in general. Stronger AI will allow our potential work hours to scale roughly with the price of electricity instead of being constrained by the size of the available human workforce along with countless economic factors.


We are interested in developing humanoid manipulators capable of performing common horticultural tasks which are still done by hand in addition to creating novel indoor vertical gardening technology in the form of inexpensive hydroponic towers.

  • Vertical Horticulture. We have developed low cost vertical horticulture technology because money really does grow on trees. Our vertical hydroponic gardening products allow the output of horticultural operations to scale in size by volume as opposed to area as with traditional gardening methods. We believe this technology will be all important in coming years to avoid any adverse affects of population pressure on food security.

  • Agricultural Robotics and Automation. Our research in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence has many applications to the agriculture industry. The Blue Challenge from Naturipe is a perfect example of how important dexterous robotic manipulation is to scalability in agricultural sciences.


Thank you for your interest in our lab. Make sure to come back soon for the latest updates on our progress and follow us on Github